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Robert Dugoni has presented several times at the Surrey International Writers' Conference. His workshops are typically packed to standing room only and receive excellent attendee feedback. He is a well-prepared, engaging, and effective teacher. His keynote for us in 2010 created such a buzz that, with his permission, we adopted part of it as our conference motto and asked him to reprise the speech in 2011 to open our conference, something we have never done before. He's a positive, supportive presenter and a valued part of the SiWC presenter alumni.

Kathy Chung, Conference Coordinator, SiWC.
Kathy Chung, Conference Coordinator
Surrey International Writers' Conference

"Thought provoking, inspiring. Great workbook."

"ROBERT DUGONI is one of the premiere writers of this generation. His characters are complex and troubled and his story development is fast paced and nuanced at the same time, which is not easy to achieve. The richness and texture of his writing is a pleasure to read and be savored by all readers. While Grisham and Turow may be better known Dugoni is right up there at the same level. He is knocking at the door and savvy readers are having the joy of discovering another great talent."
Steven Babitsky, Esq.
President, SEAK, Inc.

"Bob was excellent, he makes it look easy, which indicates a high-level of preparation."

"The best conference I've attended"


"Without a doubt, the most useful seminar I've attended"

"We were impressed with Robert Dugoni, who is one hell of a good teacher"

"Very helpful for a new writer"


"Being taught from an experienced author who has a great teaching style was great. I love the checklists."

"Bob Dugoni is excellent he is a real author who everyone can relate to."

"It offered practical, proven methods for developing a more powerful, salable product. It provided excellent examples from known literature. It was extremely stimulating and eye-opening."

Thank you so much for your special writing series at the Covington Library in November. It offered the most helpful, lucid explanation of how to structure a novel that I've heard. I'm also a journalist-turned-fiction writer, and my first book managed to contain most of the mistakes you discussed. So it was wonderful to have someone lay out so clearly and in such an entertaining fashion how better to avoid them next time.

The King County Library offers some great programs, but this one topped them all.
Liz Visser

I spent part of Friday morning with bestselling author, Robert Dugoni learning how to create page-turning plots. If you're interested in taking your fiction to the next level, Bob Dugoni is a teacher you should most definitely seek out.

Like Donald Maass, Dugoni understands the nuts and bolts of plot and story structure on so many levels. And like Maass, Dugoni is an adept instructor who can keep attendees focused and scribbling madly for hours at a time. I took so many notes my pencil made a dent in the side of my finger!

Cheryl Angst, Writer
Surrey Writer's Conference 2011

As always, Robert Dugoni kicked ass. He always presents material in a realistic, useful, yet passionate way. (See, I just used Diana's "chant" repetition--three things).
Aven McNab
Surrey Writer's Conference 2011

We offer at least one program, and often an entire series of writing programs with Robert Dugoni each year. He is an exceptional teacher, who has the ability to break down the writing process to make it clear and understandable. In addition, he supplies important information about the ever-changing publishing world, ways to market finished work and insight into the promotion necessary to send a book to the best-seller lists. We are fortunate to have such a valuable resource in our library service area. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Deborah Schneider, Public Programming Coordinator
King County Library System

Great storytellers are hard to discover and wonderful to enjoy. Bob Dugoni is one. Great teachers, especially of art forms that require both strong craft and the steady development of talent, are more difficult to find. Yes, Bob Dugoni is certainly one. The Puget Sound Writers Guild and its members have experienced good practitioners of craft, engaging communicators, and writers passionate about their calling.

Bob Dugoni brings all three to his seminars and a dash or two of empathy, patience, curiosity to continue his development, and resources-trunk loads of accessible, craft-building resources. Our too-short seminar with Bob involved every attendee. His buoyant personality had us building our artistic muscles. We left our long day more energized than when we came. Working with Bob Dugoni leaves the guild's writers with applicable lessons learned and new tools to employ. For us, the seminar was a great investment of time.

Bill Walles, President
Puget Sound Writers Guild, 2011
Lacey, WA

Robert Dugoni is as skilled and layered a speaker as he is a New York Times Best Selling Author. His well organized and informative workshops blend humor and knowledge in a way that always ends in a standing ovation. Robert is a regular speaker at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, which now averages between 500 to 600 attendees. Our numbers have grown over the years, and we know that it is due to the quality and popularity of Robert Dugoni's workshops.
Pam Binder PNWA President and Program Director.

I wanted to thank you for giving the class held at the Covington Library on writing as I found it invaluable. The climax graph/obstacle outline of the mountain is genius and I now have that in my hallway along with the outline you drew out for us last night. This has made the most sense and has removed my anxiety and obviously writers block, as well. Many of the points you made I already knew, but your explanations and examples truly made them click and I've now got it. Tara Aarness

In January 2011, Robert "Bob" Dugoni was a featured presenter at the Sixth Annual Lake Chapala Writers Conference, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. We received nothing but positive feedback from each of the more than fifty attendees. Everyone came away having gained more confidence in their writing abilities. Bob has the right combination of teaching, sharing, and interactive participation to help a writer of any level. He shared personal stories of inspiration, rejection, struggles and success. His teaching style is relaxed but he does keep the sessions on track and on time. Some of the attendee feedback stated:

"Bob is quite a personality and both his sessions were highly enjoyable and valuable." "Bob's presentations were filled with specific and helpful advice. Many of his ideas were immediately useful to me."

"People this gifted and willing to share it with others are a pleasure to know and learn from."

"It is without any reservations that we are able to recommend Bob as a speaker and presenter at a conference of any size."
Harriet Hart, Kay Davis and Herbert W. Piekow
Lake Chapala Writers Conference Co-Chairs

Robert Dugoni is one of our favorite speakers and teachers. As he says, he can deliver his message in an hour, a half day, a full day or two full days! And every attendee will learn, enjoy, and come away with exactly what he wanted--from the very basics of good novel writing to the intricacies of turning yourself into a best-selling thriller writer. He's a pleasure to work with and a wonderful person to know.
Elizabeth Pomada
Co-Director, San Francisco Writers Conference.

Bob Dugoni always receives the highest praise from our attendees at the San Francisco Writers Conference. He is a generous teacher and he genuinely enjoys sharing his gift of always knowing just what it takes to bring a novel to life.
Barbara Santos
San Francisco Writers Conference Marketing Director

Everyone left the session buzzing about the presentation and wanting more, from beginners to New York Times bestsellers alike. Dugoni's presentation inspired, educated, and enlightened on many levels. For writers beginning the trek, Dugoni greatly cut the learning curve; for seasoned veterans, he gave names to the craft they knew. His presentation was a highlight in our Killer Nashville history. We can't wait to have him back!
Clay Stafford, founder, Killer Nashville 2011

Oregon Writers Colony would hire Bob Dugoni to teach a class for our membership anytime we could get him. He is a fabulous teacher, a brilliant guy, dedicated to the craft, warm and helpful, and one of the most pleasant writers to work with I've encountered in all my years of seeking out and contracting with authors. He was presenter at OWC's annual Spring Conference a few years back and was one of our favorites. He knows his stuff too.
Martha Miller
Oregon Writers Colony

At the 2011 South Carolina Book Festival, I attended Bob Dugoni's master class entitled Playing God: Creating Memorable Characters, and found that it gave me a whole new attitude about the writing process. Bob has the unique ability to get to the heart of the craft. By doing so, he inspires his students to return to their work with renewed vigor and excitement. From beginning to end, Bob remained completely engaged with the class and encouraged questions so the content was personalized and relevant. I continue to use the lessons he taught every day in my writing. I'm grateful to have attended his class and will sign up for another whenever I have the opportunity!
Paula Benson
South Carolina Festival of Books





Bob is available for speaking engagements and writing seminars.

He has been a featured speaker on more than two dozen radio and television programs, including KOMO TV4 Northwest Afternoon, Northwest Cable News, Channel 2.

For more information contact: Cristina Kapela (206) 459-2664

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