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NEWSLETTER | October 13, 2009 | Volume 3 | Number 2

November Classes

Getting Started and Moving in the Right Direction
From your initial query letter to your published novel the writer must convey that he understands classic story structure. Robert Dugoni's in-class exercises and assignments will help students better understand story structure so they can evaluate their novel's plot.
Bellevue Regional Library
Tuesday, November 3, 7pm
How to Write a New York Times Bestseller
The acclaimed national seminar comes to Bellevue. Robert Dugoni's one day seminar will take you from plotting to revising, an all encompassing one day boot camp with a substantial handout for easy and frequent reference.
Chinook Middle School Auditorium/Library
Bellevue, Saturday, November 7, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sponsor: Pacific Northwest Writers Association
Contact 425-673-2665
Playing God: Creating Memorable Characters
Have you ever finished a book and been unable to forget the characters for days? Months? Even years? What makes certain characters so memorable? Robert Dugoni will teach you techniques to make characters well-rounded which will keep readers wondering about them long after they have finished your book.
Bellevue Regional Library
Tuesday, November 10, 7pm
Techniques to Bring Your Novel Writing to Life
Robert Dugoni will teach you how to employ time-tested techniques of best-selling authors to catch and hold the reader's attention in the first three pages, avoiding common mistakes that can get a manuscript rejected, and how to create and sustain tension.
Bellevue Regional Library, Tuesday
November 17, 7pm
Power Editing
Now that you've typed, "The End" - you're finished. Or are you? Understand the common mistakes novelists make and how to fix them before submitting to an agent or editor. Robert Dugoni will teach you his five steps to editing your manuscript to publication.
Bellevue Regional Library
Tuesday, November 24, 7pm

Robert Dugoni Book News

bodily harm


Love the New Cover?
Send me an email and tell me how you like the paperback cover to Wrongful Death. Still haven't read it? See why Mystery News called Wrongful Death, "A wild ride and incredible story...Dugoni is a Master Storyteller" and why Booklist called Wrongful Death "His best yet...Mixing the suspense of a Grisham and political intrigue of Baldacci, Dugoni is knocking on the A-List Thriller Door."


Available wherever books are sold.

Cyanide Canary

damage control

Jury Master
bodily harm

May 2010 - Bodily Harm

The Next David Sloane Adventure
Acclaimed attorney David Sloane is about to rack up another victory: a medical malpractice verdict against an established Seattle pediatrician for the unexpected death of a young boy. But something about the case has bothered Sloane from the start, even before a disheveled toy designer confronts Sloane on the way to the verdict to claim responsibility not only for the child's death but also for the death of a second child. Entering the multi-billion dollar, cutthroat world of toy manufacturing to find justice for two devastated families, Sloane must dodge a vicious killer, exonerate the doctor he has proven guilty, and overcome the loss of everything he loves-as well as his own burning desire for revenge.


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