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NEWSLETTER | MAY 2010 | Volume 4 | Number 2


Have you ever wanted to stay in a beautiful beach-front home on Puget Sound overlooking the Olympic Mountains for 3 days, 2 nights and have dinner with a NY Times Bestselling Author?

The winner is the bookstore who sells the most Bodily Harm books by July 1st, 2010. Email your sales results by July 5th, 2010 to Winner will be notified by July 10, 2010. Restrictions: 2 nights, 2 people, mutually agreeable dates; airfare/travel not provided.

"The Critics Love Bodily Harm"
Providence Journal & Author Magazine

bodily harm May, 2010 - Robert Dugoni does so many things well in his terrific Bodily Harm that it's hard to know where to start. Blending the best of Scott Turow and John Grisham with a hefty measure of the cutting-edge Michael Crichton thrillers Disclosure and Airframe, Dugoni's latest is a smooth, cross-genre hybrid that works on every level.

David Sloane, the Rambo of lawyers, is struggling to balance his mega-successful professional career with his not nearly as successful personal life. Fresh off another courtroom triumph, Sloane is about to dedicate himself more to his wife Tina and stepson Jake, when his world explodes in a maelstrom of violence and corporate shenanigans.

His surgeon told Sloane he was lucky to be alive. Jenkins knew Sloane didn't feel that way.

With his life literally coming apart, Sloane sets his sights on an evil toy manufacturer with strong ties to a high-tech Chinese assembly line that may or not be responsible for the deaths of several young children. Little, it turns out, is what both he and us thought it be originally. Good thing Sloane has partner, ex-CIA operative Charles Jenkins, on his side in a struggle for both revenge and redemption. In that respect, Bodily Harm most resembles Word of Honor, still Nelson DeMille's masterwork. No Turow or Grisham tale ever had this kind of depth, color and breathless plotting, and the result brands Dugoni as the undisputed king of the legal thriller. -Jon Land

Robert Dugoni and Independent Bookstores.

Having grown up with a father who was the owner/operator of an independent pharmacy for 35 years Robert knows firsthand the importance of independent bookstores and the uniquely different shopping experience they provide for each and every cherished customer. Robert always makes an effort to stop in independent bookstores to make a purchase.
bodily harm
Published By Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Publish Date: May 25, 2010
Hardcover, US $25.00