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One and Two-Day Workshops
Advanced Fiction Writing
This is the acclaimed national seminar. Using lecture, in-class assignments, and examples of his own and other best-sellers, Bob brings a nuts & bolts approach to writing the novel from the initial idea to the final edit. His seminar focuses on the writer s life, outlining, writer s block, story structure and development, creating memorable characters, maintaining and increasing suspense, dialogue techniques, editing methods, as well as pitfalls the writer must avoid that result in rejection or reader disappointment. Bob s philosophy is to help remove as many of the obstacles in the path to publication as possible. The class appeals to students who are beginning their novels to those who have completed novels and are looking for techniques to improve their writing and story telling.

Half Day Workshops
Creating Plots for Page Turners
From your initial query letter to your published novel, the writer must convey that she understands classic story structure. Bob will teach the fundamental relationship between good stories and journeys and use in-class exercises and assignments to help students better understand story structure so they can evaluate their novel s plot. Students will also be better equipped to make educated choices on such things as the opening chapter, to make critical judgments about the middle of their book, and to ensure that the ending brings into collision the forces the writer has set in motion to deliver an emotionally satisfying conclusion.

Playing God
Creating Memorable Characters
What is it about certain books that when we finish the final page the characters stay with us for days? What is it about those characters that has made them so memorable? Using examples from his own and other writers, Bob will teach techniques to make your characters well-rounded individuals that will keep readers wondering about them long after they have finished your book.

1 to 2 Hour Seminars
Creating Plots for Page Turners
See course material set forth above

Playing God: Creating Memorable Character
See course material set forth above

You ve Got the Power: Techniques to Bring Your Novel Writing to Lifee
Learn how to employ time-tested techniques of best-selling authors to improve your novel writing. This workshop will focus on catching and holding the reader's attention in the first three pages while avoiding common mistakes - the seven deadly sins that can get a manuscript rejected, as well as how to create and sustain tension, the key to keeping readers turning the page.

Power Editing.
Now you're finished. Or are you? Once you ve finished that manuscript how do you make it better? What are the common mistakes novelists make and how to fix them before an agent or editor sees them. Learn Bob s systematic approach to power editing your manuscript including
  • Making an objective assessment of your novel's beginning, middle, and end.
  • Evaluating each scene.
  • Making judgments about your protagonist and antagonist.
  • Evaluating secondary characters.
  • Tightening the manuscript by being relentless in moving the story forward.
  • Reviewing word and sentence choice - adjectives and adverbs vs. verbs, original similes and analogies; active vs. passive voice.
  • Polishing your work to eliminate typos and misspellings, and other mistakes that make the reader lose trust.
Catching an Agent's Attention: Writing the Knockout Query and Synopsis Presented by Robert Dugoni
You've written your novel. Now what? New York Times Bestselling Author and renowned writing instructor Robert Dugoni will teach you what you need to understand and master to write a query letter that catches an agent s interest and a synopsis that forces her to ask to see your first three chapters. Mr. Dugoni will discuss the most common mistakes new novelists make and techniques to correct those mistakes so that the query and synopsis become tools, rather than an obstacle, to getting your novel published.

Maintaining Tension and Suspense
What is it that keeps us biting our nails and turning the pages? Tension and Suspense. Bob will teach techniques employed by established writers to keep readers on the edge of their seats.






Bob is available for speaking engagements and writing seminars.

He has been a featured speaker on more than two dozen radio and television programs, including KOMO TV4 Northwest Afternoon, Northwest Cable News, Channel 2.

For more information contact: Cristina Kapela (206) 459-2664

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